Energy for the Future

The students in room 12 have been inquiring into renewable and non renewable energy. In pairs we produced a video to share our research. We are looking forward to reading your feedback!


Love Room 12

Tournament of Minds 2014

On Sunday 14th September, a team from Craigburn went to Flinders University to take part in the Tournament of Minds competition. This is a competition for the mind, where creativity and problem solving skills are pushed to the max! Below is a link showing their solution of the social sciences problem, Cultural Crossover. This problem involved our team providing an argument for and against moving a cultural icon from one country to another. Our team chose moving the Blue Danube Waltz to Brazil.

There was also a Spontaneous Challenge to solve. The points awarded for both of these challenges are put together and then compared to the other teams competing. This year there were over 700 students taking part in Tournament of Minds! Even though we did not win, our team did a truly amazing job and we are all very proud of them! Well done Arleaha, Courtney, Emma, James, Jess, Kallie and Lizzy.

tournament of minds 2014

Why Australia?

Here are some questions the students in Room 12 brainstormed to help guide our research for our inquiry into why people have immigrated to Australia:

  • Where does your persona come from?
  • What was it like to live in their home country?
  • Why did your persona leave their home country?
  • Why did your persona choose to come to Australia?
  • How did your persona travel to Australia?
  • What was the journey to Australia like?
  • What route did your persona take to get to Australia?
  • What did your persona bring? Who was with them?
  • Where did your persona go when they first arrived?
  • What is life like for them in Australia?

Below are some links to real life stories of people who have immigrated to Australia that may be helpful for your own inquiry

Abdi’s story.


Seussical the Musical

For those of you in the Seussical main cast, Mrs Rayner and I would like you to watch a performance of Seussical so you can get a good feel for your character. Pay lots of attention to how your character moves, speaks and behaves. How would you describe your character and how can you communicate this to the audience?

Below is a link to a performance of Seussical that is pretty good!

Love Miss Grant and Mrs Rayner xxx


Seussical Jr